Caisson Collection

This collection is the result of a new process that we call thermoforming. As the word might suggest, heat is used to press a design into the fabric. By heating the fabric it acquires a luxurious satin sheen that reflects the light. It is fascinating to see and irresistible to touch. You also obtain a beguiling interplay of smooth and relief, light and dark, sheen and matte areas.

  • Composition: Exquisite three-dimensional textile wallcovering on non-woven backing, with some acoustic qualities

  • Dimensions: Width 123 cm (48.43"), sold by the linear metre/yard

  • Repeat: Straight match 46 cm (18.11")

  • Fire retardancy: B-s1, d0 / Class A

  • Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like Arte Clearpro, or Metyl Special (200 g in 4 l of water) with the addition of 20% PVA adhesive

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