Whether you realize it or not, your home environment affects every aspect of your life, including your work and social life. Your home is your castle, the place you go to for privacy, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Sometimes, we just need to change our home environment a little bit to change the way we feel at home and outside. One of the most affordable and comprehensive ways to make a living space feel brand new is with wallpaper. Particularly, you may choose to use vinyl wallpaper in Miami. Contact Twill and Texture today to learn more about our vinyl and non-vinyl wall coverings.

The Many Benefits of Wallpaper

Indeed, the ambiance of your home can determine whether your psychological well-being is healthy or unhealthy. Vinyl wallpaper is popular for its premium textures, colors, and designs. However, psychological implications aren't the only reason why you might consider vinyl wallpaper in Miami. In fact, there are several benefits that you may not be aware of.

Vinyl Wallpaper is Water Resistant

Miami is one of the most beautiful places to live in America. Yet, Miami is also a very hot and humid place, which, in and of itself, is bad for wallpaper. One of the most practical reasons that Miami homeowners purchase vinyl wallpaper is that it can be placed in areas that are traditionally too moist or humid for standard wall coverings. Over time, Miami homes often experience mold due to the moisture that gets trapped between the wall and the wall coverings. Vinyl is the perfect solution to this problem!

Vinyl Wallpaper is Easy to Clean

Let's face it; most of us work hard for a living and having products in our homes that are easy to clean and maintain makes life a little easier. That's exactly what vinyl wallpaper is - it's easy to clean and maintain. A damp towel is all that is needed to wipe your vinyl wallpaper off - no need to worry about the moisture! Further, vinyl wallpaper doesn't stain. Therefore, it lasts much longer than traditional wallpaper.

Vinyl Wallpaper is a Great Way to Hide Imperfections on Your Walls

Unless your home is brand new, your walls probably have some imperfections, whether they be stains, cracks, rough spots, uneven areas, etc. Since vinyl wallpaper is naturally thicker than most other kinds of wallpaper, vinyl works much better for hiding the imperfections in your wall.

Vinyl Wallpaper is Safe for Children and Pets

In today's environmental-friendly world, you might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of home products - wallpaper included - that are manufactured using toxic chemicals. Upon being installed in a home, these products release their toxicity over time, making the home unsafe, decreasing the air quality drastically. Vinyl wallpaper is a great solution.

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