Racing Green

Racing Green


Overscale Accent Collection

This bold variation on the Curve design can create a unique array of striking compositions when hung. The design combines french grey, ash grey and cream, with the metallic accent in the form of a delicate matte gold line edging and defining the colored bands. The paper is hand silkscreen printed and has grain print finish. The focal point rests on the blue layered triangles, offset with the cream negative space. When hung in the same direction the design can create compelling and complex patterns and sequences. Alternatively by inverting every second drop, a stunning uniform diamond design emerges.

Durable non-woven FSC certified paper. Made in Britain


  • Price per roll

  • Roll Size - 11 yds x 22”

  • Pattern repeat - 45”

  • Color – Racing Green and teal on a grey background with gold highlight

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